Juxtapositions and ironies of life intrigue me. I strive to explore and explain the unexplainable. I continue to struggle in exposing hidden emotions through art and exploitation of these oppositions. I use texture, shapes, shadows and light to convey a message and find meaning for myself. I find beauty flawed and perfection nonexistent. The human body is an endless source of inspiration for me. I see the human figure as the most ideal subject we have in art.

Recently, I have been nailing photographs of nudes in different size boxes made of exotic woods. These boxes are arranged in stacked groupings on top and around each other on the floor.

The eye is drawn into a window only to be restricted by boundaries that imprison. Incongruity and ambiguity are present in my life and work. My work is about the beautiful and the hideous, it's about me and the world around me.
Laura Merage